Shri R. K. Nayak, IDAS has taken over charge as PCDA (BR) with effect from 11 August 2014. Updated user guide: Project Bhawan.(Please keep it handy before configuration) Implementation of Project Bhawan. Project Bhawan Software (Zip Format). Short-comings in Bid Documents. Proposal for amendment/modification in OM-XIII,Vol-I/II/III & IAM (BR). Details of contract concluded on Risk and Cost.(Urgent) Cash Management Product (SBI-CMP) Standard Operating Procedure.
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My dear esteemed colleagues,

As you are aware, the organization of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Border Roads), Delhi Cantt. is responsible for providing audit, payment, accounting and financial advice cover to BRO units/formations including HQ DGBR through two zonal offices viz. CDA(BR), Guwahati & Jt. CDA (BR) Chandigarh, 19 Accounts Offices (Projects), 34 Task Forces and 2 Western and Eastern Base Workshop offices. The PAO (GREF) Pune deals with the pay & allowances of GREF officers and employees and maintains around 34000 IRLAS. Similarly, AO(GREF) Centre Pune deals with GREF Centre Pune.

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To provide centralised and uniform audit, payment, accounting & financial advice cover to Border Roads Organisation, an  independent   CDA (Border Roads)  was  set up on 1-4-91. Prior to this, the functions of CDA(Border Roads) were being discharged by Regional Controllers under whose jurisdiction GREF Units were located. The PCDA (Border Roads)   is an establishment of the Defence Accounts Department under the Ministry of Defence (Finance). The Office of CDA(Border Roads) has been upgraded to Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Border Roads) vide GOI MOD(FIN) letter No.F.I(1)/1c/2005 Dated 26th May, 2009. The office of PCDA(BR) comes under administrative control of Controller General of Defence Accounts, New Delhi.


The PCDA (Border Roads)   discharges the audit, payment, accounting & financial advice functions through its zonal offices viz.  CDA(BR) Guwahati,  Jt. CDA(BR) Chandigarh and Accounts Offices(Projects) & Task Forces located in the entire length and breadth of the country including abroad i.e Bhutan. In respect of HQDGBR, audit, payment, accounting & financial advice functions are discharged by Main Office, PCDA (Border Roads)   New Delhi. The  Pay and Allowances of GREF Employees are dealt with by PAO(GREF) Pune.


The expenditure of PCDA (Border Roads) is debitable to Ministry of Road Transport & highways (MOR&TH) Grant No 80, Major Head-3451. However, the budget allotments in respect of loans and advances are made by the CGDA.
Quality Policy
The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.
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We strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.
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